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OPI The Living Daylights

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OPI The Living Daylights is a glitter coat that will steal the spotlight at any show. This polish consists of gold, bronze and blue octagon sparkles that are set in a clear polish, which gives you the option of using this polish as a top coat over an existing bold colour or using it on its own as complete glitter coat. This polish is in no way conservative so we definitely do not recommend using this polish in a professional environment but on your days off or when you have the opportunity to use a crazy polish this is surely the one you will be reaching for!

This shimmery and shiny polish is just like every other OPI nail polish formula: flawless to apply, dries in the blink of an eye, and leaves you with a gorgeous finish. When applying OPI The Living Daylights, how many coats you apply will all depend on your desired finial effect. If you are only painting these sparkles over another solid colour we recommend using no more than two coats of polish, but if you plan on using this colour alone and want a glitter-filled effect then we suggest using four coats of polish. Once your complete manicure has dried you can expect seven to ten days of wear before minor imperfections such as chipping and tip wear start to show.

OPI The Living Daylights is the perfect sparkle top coat to add to any solid nail polish colour to brighten your day. This polish is absolutely perfect for any season or skin tone because there is no possible way that clear polish filled with sprinkles of glitter can clash with any skin tone or seasonal colour!
OPI The Living Daylights